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This FREE Black Swan Wednesday offering comes from Desert Dwellers Saraswati's Twerkaba (Remixes), this is a star-studded remix pack for ”Saraswati's Twerkaba,” the smash lead track from Desert Dwellers' Clear Path compilation. The exotically innovative original from Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe sees the Desert Dwellers blending their signature downtemple dub sounds with global club flavors. It was inspiration enough to draw in a wide range of remixers amped to take on the task.

On this free song "Saraswati's Twerkaba (Original Mix)" experience the original sensation that Desert Dwellers created.

We hope you enjoy this FREE song. As always, thanks for listening. If you like what you’re hearing, please spread the word and help support the art you want to see in the world.

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New video from Manish Vyas for his new CD Sahaj Atma: Mantras that Illuminate the Soul.

New Release

Looking For Music For Your Yoga Class?  This Playlist Is For You.

Read this article on Yoga International and access a 75-minute playlist on Spotify "Best Yoga Music of 2016" curated by Parmita Pushman founder of White Swan Records.

 Digital-Only Release

Sri-Ma 300

SRI MA: Chants of Divine Mother, Yoga Goddesses Lakshmi, Shri Durga, Kali Maa, Saraswati & Radha

by White Swan Healing Arts Series

As attacks continue on our Mother Earth, Air and Oceans we invoke the goddess presence, the warrior goddess, the great shining Mother: Shri Ma!

This is the time for devotion to the sacred feminine.

Allow these powerful mantras and chants to the goddesses Durga & Kali, Lakshmi & Tara, Radha & Saraswati move you, comfort you, enliven your love of the Feminine.

Act to protect her!

Invoke our great present-day hugging saint Amma (Mother): Mata Amritanandamayi Devi. Let Shakti’s energy of abundance and good fortune, Saraswati’s creativity for speech and music, Radha’s burning heart, Durga’s and Kali’s warrior goddess energy aid you in actions to defend and love the goddess, the Divine Mother!

Yoga mantra artists abound on Sri Ma: Chants of Divine Mother. This digital-only release has more than 2 hours of music and is Volume 9 in the Healing Arts Series produced for White Swan Records. DubGoddess Selena curated and edited the 21 tracks of well-known kirtan artists Shantala, Brenda McMorrow, Girish, Donna De Lory, Wah! and Tina Malia. More mantra artists include Suzin Green, Govind Das & Radha, Catherine Mirabai Moon, Bhakti Explosion, Michael H. Cohen, Amritakripa with 3rd Ear Experience, Madi Das with Chaytanya, and Jim Beckwith.

  Enjoy this video and mantra: "Lokaha Samastaha Sukhino Bhavantu."  - translates as:  May all beings in the world find peace! By Deva Premal and Miten.

deva lokaha FB 12 2016

What's New

Re.Generations by Liquid Bloom

With Re.Generations, producer Amani Friend re-envisions his Liquid Bloom music into a fresh immersive experience of spiritual wanderlust. The album dances the listener across eclectic soundscapes, drawing on Peruvian ritual songs, Persian flute, Spanish flavors, classical cello, nature spaces, and lyrical meditative guidance.

Innovative collaborations with artists Poranguí, Deya Dova, Arsen Petrosyan, Numatik and many others seamlessly, soulfully transport you to healing, to feel a primal connection to Earth - and be inspired to dance, meditate, practice yoga, do shamanic ceremony, or be creative in any number of ways.

Nourish your soul with some of the world's most sacred sounds.

Download the iTune Booklet

Regular Price: $16.99 :: Order Here

UMA by Mercedes Bahleda

Uma features singer Mercedes Bahleda and composer Ferenz Kallos offering of Indian chants, Tibetan prayers, and the secret Jesus Mantra. Cradled by the lush strings of cello and violin, Mercedes’ heartbreaking vocals evoke an ancient time. Opera singer Jenna Karl guests on a 20-minute sadhana, Om Shanti, rich with airy flutes, deep strings and rolling harmonies over the steady drum of a heartbeat – opening a landscape of hope through this grand prayer of peace.

Regular Price: $16.99 :: Order Here

Breath of Voavah by Prem Joshua

Inspired by Voavah in the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, this 12-track collection captures the soul of one of the world’s most pristine locations. Melodies whisper the secrets of the Indian Ocean while honeyed harmonies trace nature’s subtlest and most sublime features – from the ripple of a fish in the lagoon to a flash of sunlight between swaying palms. Born out of Prem Joshua’s own experiences, this ingenious interpretation of the sights, sensations and spirit of the Maldives will leave you tingling from your ears to your toes.

"The offer to create this exclusive album for Four Seasons Resorts Maldives had a nonnegotiable condition – I was required to visit the islands in person – little did I know then what I was actually in for!

All this seemed very fair, but you might not believe me, initially I did not want to make the trip! The Maldives was then, a perfect match for my prejudices of a mirage of paradise far from the real world. Luckily I agreed and made the trip and I don’t regret a single minute of it! The incredible beauty and purity of nature is overwhelming — but it is rather something unexpected that really touched me deeply – the secret of this place is the people, it is their warmth, liveliness, smiles, laughter, dignity, honesty, kindness and contentment. This is the true gift I received here and these priceless qualities feel much more real than the so-called “real world” out there that seems to have forgotten all these simple secrets! In fact, one wishes to immediately share these human qualities to the whole world! My prejudices were all forgotten, instead my life batteries were completely recharged, my heart and senses had absorbed this slightly better world on a tiny island and I left with a feeling of having met with many new friends.

With this album I want to return exactly these impressions and secrets in the form of contemporary music — the ever-changing colours of the endless sea, from a gentle breeze to a sudden storm, the warm rain on our skin, the night sky, the jungle birds in the trees, and again and again the friendly smiles of the people..."  – Prem Joshua

Regular Price: $16.99 :: Order Here

Temple At Midnight by by Miten

Temple At Midnight is a soulful, no-frills, all-acoustic tale of love and redemption. From his hedonistic days in London's rock scene to a voyage of self-discovery in mystic India, Miten returns with a clear head, a great album, and devoted heart.

From the steady flowing gospel groove of River Man; the Zen blues of No Goal But This; the mellow, reflective One Step At A Time and Exactly As It Is (featuring Deva Premal), to the rays of moonlight illuminating the Rumi-inspired lyrics of All Is Welcome Here, Miten pays homage to a life lived fully and without compromise. He even adds, for good measure, a personal, hauntingly poignant rendition of the Beatles classic, Norwegian Wood.

Temple at Midnight gives a voice to our intimate inner spaces, with songs that welcome us however they find us, sharing our fears, celebrating our joys and, through it all, reminding us of “the silence gently growing.”

Watch the video below featuring River Man from Miten's beautiful new collection of songs, Temple at Midnight.

mitenHAT 500

Regular Price: $16.99 :: Sale Price $13.99 :: Order Here

About White Swan Records

White Swan Records offers a complete menu of sonic textures designed to meet the musical needs of any lifestyle or listener. From Zen moods to dancefloor-igniting remixes, cross-cultural exploration is White Swan’s forte.

Phenomenal bestseller and mantra enchantress Deva Premal & Miten (over a million units sold) tops a growing roster of successful yoga, mantra and chant artists including Donna De Lory, Prem Joshua, Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band, David Newman (Durga Das), Stevin McNamara, Mercedes Bahleda, Avasa & Matthew Love and Brenda McMorrow.

And with the US yoga scene populated by 20 million practitioners (and growing), White Swan Records is perfectly positioned to expand its reputation as the leading purveyor of “yoga beat.”

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